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How do I allow learners to access my child portal?

Access Codes can create Team Membership and Role Assignments for specific Parent and Child portals. Each Learner can execute Access Codes while going through the Registration Process or it can be triggered by an LMS Admin in a Bulk process. This will allow the appropriate e-Learning content to be presented in the Learner’s My Plan in the child portal. It is recommended that each child portal have its own associated Team so that its Learners can be easily managed.

  • In the Parent Portal, log in using a LMS Administrator Account.
  • Navigate to LMS Admin > Teams.
  • Click/Tap on a Team.
  • Select Team Access Codes.

  • Add a New Access Code by clicking/tapping 'Add New Access Code'.

In the New Access Code window, enter a Name, a Code and a Description for this Access Code.

There are two lists of Learning Roles:

  • Client Portal Roles: Lists all the Learning Roles that belong to the Child Portal. Selecting Learning Roles will grant the Learners access to the Child Portal.
  • Local Learning Roles: Shows a list of all the Learning Roles present in the Main (Parent) Portal. Optionally, you can add some of these Learning Roles to provide access to the Parent Portal also.

  • Click/Tap Update to create the Access Code.

This is the basic setup to provide access to the Child Portal for any user that triggers the Access Code. However, you can fine tune the remaining options of the Team Access Code to those that best suit your needs.

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