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How do I set admin permissions?

The LMS Admin Types define permissions and access for each LMS Admin. Any user can be assigned as an Admin for the LMS. You can create as many Admin Types as needed, all set with their specific permissions.

To Access the LMS Admin Types:

  • Navigate to LMS Admin > Teams.

  • From the drop-down menu, select LMS Admin Types.

LMS Admin Type Management will display the available Admin Types.

  • Click/Tap Add New LMS Admin Type.

In this example we will create a Reports Admin.

  • Provide a Name, a Description and select an Icon for this new LMS Admin Type. For this example, we will name it 'Reports Admin'.
  • Access Roles: Selecting LMS Admin Access and LMS Reports Access will automatically add all the necessary Page View Permission Roles for any user that is granted this LMS Admin Type. Both should be selected. No further permission setup is required.
  • Report Features: From the different checkboxes you can grant access to the different parts of the Reports Module section. You can expand and explore each option and select the ones that best suit your needs. In this example, we will select all of the features available.
  • For Learning Catalog Access, Learning Roles Access and Portal Access we will leave all options as set by default.
  • Click/Tap Update to save the changes.

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