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Can I get reports automatically delivered?

The Report that you have already created and saved using the Reports Definition feature can be programmed to be delivered to any email address. This action is performed by a "Delivery Schedule". Any Report can have a Delivery Schedule and more than one Delivery Schedule can be added to each Report.

  • With the Report Definition selected, click/tap Add New Delivery.

A window named Delivery Details will open. In this window you are required to fill in all the Delivery Schedule details.

  • Delivery Name: Input a clear name that helps you identify this Delivery. This Name will be included in the email and in the generated report.

  • Active: You can activate or deactivate this definition anytime by checking the box.

  • Date Range: This drop-down allows you to choose the reporting period. The report will be generated using today as the start date and then count backward until the option selected is met. The Custom Calendar option allows you to specify a Begin and End date.

  • Export Format: This combo box gives you the possibility of choosing the file format of the report. The options include Acrobat PDF File, Excel Worksheet (.xlsx) and CSV (comma delimited).

The following fields are related and together they determine when the report is going to be sent out. 

  • Frequency: How frequently the report is delivered.
  • Start Date: This is the date the report will begin to be delivered.
  • Time of Day: The time of day the report will be delivered.
  • Next Delivery Due: This date is the result of the calculation made between the Start Date and the Frequency selected. The date shown in this field is when the first report will be sent. No reports will be delivered until this date.


The first report of this delivery will be sent on the date and time indicated in the Next Delivery Due field. No report will be sent until this date is reached.

  • Deliver to Team LMS Admins: Specify which Team Admins this Scheduled Report will be delivered to by checking the boxes next to each Team. The report generated will contain only those Learners that are members of the selected Team.

  • Deliver to Email Addresses: Provide a comma-separated list of email addresses this scheduled definition will be delivered to. The Report to be delivered will be generated for the Team that owns the Report Definition.

  • Quick-test Email Address: Allows a Quick-Test of the Delivery before its creation. Provide an email address. Click send and ensure the email is received. The report will be created using your current Active Team.

Review all information. If everything is correct, click/tap Update to create the Delivery Schedule.

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