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How do I make folders reflect the actual progress?

As an LMS Admin you may sometimes notice that the progress of your Learners within a specific folder are not being properly reflected. This may happen because the folder content was changed recently or certain completion conditions were modified. In the example below, all the content is showing a full green circle which means everything has been completed but yet the LMS Learner Training Folder is showing a Completion percentage of zero.

When this situation arises there is an option that allows LMS Admin to Recalculate the Folder's Attempt Records to force it to display the accurate overall progress.

In order to force the LMS to re-analyze all the folders, child folders, and Learning Elements completion percentage, we need to run the 'Recalculate Folder Attempt Records' option.

  • Navigate to LMS Admin > Enrollment.

  • Select the Folders that need to be recalculated.
  • Choose the Teams or Learning Roles for which the action must be performed.

  • From the Select Action drop-down, select Recalculate Folder Attempt Records.

  • Review that all options selected are correct. Click/TapSubmit.

A confirmation message saying: "Are you sure you want to Recalculate Folder Attempt for the selected Folders to the selected Team Members, Learning Roles and/or Learners?" will display.

  • Click/Tap Yes to confirm and perform the action.

A message will show the total number of Folder Attempt Records that were updated.

  • Click/Tap OK.


The Folder Attempts Recalculation triggers a process that runs within the system analyzing each folder, child folder, and Learning Element's progress and later reflects this progress in the Parent Folder. For this reason, the Folder Completion percentage may take some time to fully update.

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