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How do I manage learning roles notifications?

The Learning Roles, as well as other sections of the LMS, have their own notifications that are used to let your Learners and LMS Admin know when a specific Role is going to Start or Expire. These Notifications are automatically sent by the LMS when the Learning Roles have specific dates assigned to them. In order to avoid these types of Notifications, you need to remove the dates from the affected Roles or modify the Notifications settings for that Role.

  • Navigate to LMS Admin > Teams;
  • Click/Tap on All Members Team;
  • Select¬†Learning Role Management¬†from the context menu.

Locate the Learning Role for which the Notification is being sent. In this example, we are using 'Registered Users'. Click/Tap the pencil icon next to it.

In the following screen, you can either remove the Dates from the Role (you will find this information in the Dates section) or you can remove the Notification settings that are located in the Notifications section.

In order to avoid any Notifications being sent, remove all the values present in the Start Date Notifications and Due Date Notifications sections.

  • Click/Tap Update to save your changes.

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