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How Do I Create a Certificate of Completion?

For the purpose of creating a PDF Certificate, a PDF authoring tool (Cute PDF Pro, Nitro Pro, Adobe Acrobat Pro) that supports dynamic form fields is required.

This tutorial assumes that you already have a background image or document to be used as your Certificate for your LMS.

Create a new form file using the Create Form option.

  • File menu > Create > Create Form.

In the next window, 

  • Select the From Existing Document option;
  • Click Next.

In the next screen use the Browse button to locate the image or document file you intend to use as the background for your main certificate.

  • Click Continue

The document will be generated showing the background.

Now you can place form fields in the PDF Template and the Accord LMS will dynamically replace those fields with DNN and LMS token values.

To place the form fields*

*Note;Tokens are placeholders or variables used when creating certificates or email templates to personalize them. e.g. Dear [User:FirstName] will insert the recipients first name when it is sent.

To find available tokens, go into LE Details and then Advanced Settings. There you will see a View link to see available tokens.

  • In the Forms bar click the Add New Field button.

  • Select Text Field.

  • Place the new Text Field anywhere on the document.

Double click on the new text field to edit its properties.

  • Replace the current name in the Name field with the Accord LMS Token you would like to use.
  • Close the dialog box.

Repeat these steps to add as many fields as you require.

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