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How do I assign a learner to a course?

Before Folders and Learning Elements can be seen or access by your learners, you will need to make this content available to them. This process is called Enrollment and it can be done directly to My Courses or to the Learners Catalog. As an LMS Admin, you can force enrollment in different ways. 

  • Navigate to LMS Admin > Enrollment.
  • Select the Folders you want to enroll.

  • Expand the Teams, Roles & Learners section.

  • Check the box next to the Learning Role in which you want to locate the learner.
  • Click the Show Search link.

  • Input a Search String to look for.
  • Click Search for Learners.

  • Select the Learner or Learners from the list.
  • Expand the Actions section by clicking the down arrow.

  • From the Select Action drop-down, select Add Enrollment.

  • Click the Submit button to perform the Enrollment.

At the confirmation dialog box, 

  • Click Yes.

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