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How do I turn On or Off LMS Notifications?

To access Notifications;

  • Navigate to the LMS Admin tab.
  • Click on the Configuration tab.
  • Ensure the proper Active Team has been selected.
  • Click on Notifications.

In the General Settings section;

LMS Email: checking this box will allow email to be sent from this portal. Leaving this box unchecked will disable all outbound email.

In the Learner Notifications section;

  • LE Enrollment: Send a notice whenever enrolled or dropped from a Learning Element either by self or by an LMS Admin.
  • Session Registration: This will send a registration notice to a user anytime they have registered to a Learning Element session, either by self or by an LMS Admin.
  • LE Attempts: Send a notification to a user depending on the particular utilization of a given Learning Element. Use the dropdown menu to select from All attempts, only Complete attempts or only Pass attempts.
  • Conditions Satisfied: Check this box to send a notification anytime conditions for a given Learning Element have been satisfied.
  • Learner Comments: Check this box to send a notification anytime a Learner has left comments. Requires SCO support for comment input.

Click on Update to save changes.

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