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What Types of Reports can I Create?

The Accord LMS allows you define a variety of Reports to track Quiz and Survey results, Learning Element Utilization and Learner Activity. All Learning Element access and utilization is tracked and captured automatically to an SQL database. Reports are created from these SQL records. A given Report may be filtered to gather specific information and can be exported.

The Reports page is divided into two main sections, each containing reports for specific kinds of utilization and activity. These include;

  • Learner Activity: These Reports are grouped by Roles and Learners.
  • Learning Content Utilization: These Reports are grouped by Folders and Learning Elements.

Learner Activity Reports provide information on Learning Role and Learner activity based on Learning Element Details, Question Details or even which Learners were most active within a specific date range. There are five available reports in this section.

  1. Learner Activity/Transcript with Folder Detail
  2. Learner Activity/Transcript with LE Detail
  3. Learner Activity/Score with Question Detail
  4. Learner Activity Most Active
  5. Learner Activity Summary

Learning Content Utilization Reports provide information on LE Utilization or Question Utilization with Role and Learner details based on Folders and Quizzes. There are five available reports in this section.

  1. Learning Folder with Learner Detail
  2. Learning Folder Summary with Folder Detail
  3. LE Utilization with Learner Detail
  4. LE Utilization Most Utilized
  5. Question Utilization with Learner Detail
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