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How do I Run Reports to determine which Learners have Completed Training?

To run a report;

  • Wave over the LMS Admin tab to open its contents
  • Click on the Reports tab

From the drop-down menu you may either select an existing Report type or create a new one.

  • To create a new type of Report, select Define New Report from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the Continue button.

Scroll down to Filters and open the section if necessary by clicking on the arrow.

  • Learning Catalog: Select All to include all Learning Element Folders or use the Selected option to select specific Learning Element Folders.

  • Teams: Select all Teams by checking box next to All Members or select specific Teams.

  • All Team Member Enrollment: check box to include Enrollment from All Team Members.
  • Learning Role Enrollment: to include all Roles check box next to All Roles. You may select specific Roles by checking the appropriate box.

  • Role Criteria: Select to Match All or Match Any. With a Match All query, if you select multiple Roles/Learners, only those folders/Learning Elements that have all of the selected Roles (and Learners) enrolled in them will be displayed in the report. With a Match Any query, if you select multiple Roles/Learners, all the folders/Learning Elements that have any of the selected Roles (and Learners) enrolled in them will be displayed in the report.
  • Role Status: Check the box next to the applicable Role Status: Pending, Active or Expired.
  • Additional Enrollment: Check the box to select Individual Enrollment to include non-Role enrollments. This option is commonly used when you have enrollments made to specific Learners.

  • Learners: Click Show Search to display the search options.

  •  Use this field to search for specific Learners within the Selected Learning Roles.
  • Attempted Date Range: Allows you to apply a Filter with a given Date Range.

  • Export Format: Select a Report output option. More export options are available from the on page Report Viewer.

  • Advanced Options: Click/Tap the down arrow to display this section.

  • Folder Attempts: Use the drop-down menu to select the types of Attempts to Include in the report. Select Current and All Archived to include all attempts.
  • Completion Status: Options available allow you to choose to report Learning Elements with Complete, In Progress and Not Attempted status.
  • Success Status: Select which LE success status to include. The choices are Passed, Failed or Any.
  • Due Date Range: Select the Due Date Range you want included in the Report.
  • LE Attempts (for LE Details): Select the type of Attempts to include for the Learning Element Details Reports. You may choose to show only the Best Attempt, Last Attempt, Last Completed Attempt, First Completed Attempt or All Attempts.
  • Include Enrollment from Parent Teams: Include Enrollment from the Parent Teams of the selected Child Teams.
  • Portals: Select which Portals will be used to obtain the data for the Report.

  • Display Columns: Click the down arrow to display this section.

  • Select the columns you want to be presented in the resulting report by checking the boxes next to them.

  • Click Generate Report to view or download the report file according to the selected format chosen above. The report will display as shown below.

  • Click the View link in the LE Details column.

This will open the Learner Activity/Transcript: LE Detail drill down report for the selected Learner.

  • Click Original Report to go back to the previous report.

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