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How do I Setup LMS Education Activities in the Learning Catalog?

Any Learning Element can award Education Activities upon successful completion.

  • Navigate to the LMS Admin menu.
  • Select the Catalog tab.
  • Ensure the proper Active Team has been selected.
  • Expand the Learning Folder that contains the Learning Element (LE) which you desire to award Education Activities for.
  • Click on the Learning Element title to open its context menu.
  • Click on LE Details from the menu.

The page will refresh to a page where you may edit Learning Element Details.

  • Scroll down to the Education Activities section and open the section if neccessary by clicking on the arrow opposite.

Award Requirements;

  • Select how to award Education Units or Attributes and Performance points. Does the User need to Complete, Pass, Complete or Pass or Complete and Pass the Learning Element to meet the Award Requirements? 

Education Units;

  • Enter the number of points to award for Education Units.

Attributes and Performance;

  • Enter the number of points to award for Attributes and Performance.

Click on Update to save changes.

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