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Azure SSO Configuration


This documentation covers the configuration for SSO Application from the Azure end. 

To configure the SAML Module, follow the document to configure SSO in the LMS.

1.    Go to Azure Active Directory > Enterprise Applications

2.    Click the New Application button.

3.    Select Non-Gallery application, give the application a name and click Add.

4.    Once the application is created, click Single sign-on and then click SAML.


Identifier (Entity ID): AccordLMS_Azure_MyPortal

Reply URL: http://accordlms.com/login

Sign-on URL: http://accordlms.com/login

5.    In the next screen enter the above credentials.

Click the Pencil icon on the Basic SAML configuration.

The Identifier (Entity ID) must be a unique name.

The Reply and Sign-on URL is the login URL in the LMS.

6.    Click Edit on the User Attributes & Claims.

A list of Claim Names will be listed as URLs. 

Copy these URLS in a text file.

These will be used in the SAML configuration in the LMS:

Important: These Attributes & Claims are the properties for users in the Active Directory.

If there is a profile field that you want to sync from AD to the LMS, click Add new claim and add the property field.

7.    Download the Certificate(Base64) from the SAML Signing Certificate area. 

This is the Certificate that needs to be pasted in the SAML configuration in the LMS.

8.    From the Set up LMS Application copy the Login URL and Logout URL links. 

This is also needed in the SAML configuration in the LMS.

9.    Add the users/groups that will have permission to login to the LMS. 

To add any users that will have permission, click the Users and Groups and click Add Users.

To complete the configuration in SAML on the LMS end, follow the documentation for SAML Configuration.

For any questions please contact Accord Support.

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