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Import Folder Attempts

The Import Folder Attempts section allows you to bulk Import your historical folder usage record. This feature lets you bring your historical data (from other systems) into the Accord LMS. Only 100% completed Folder records can be imported.

To access Import Folder Attempts:

  • Ensure the LMS Admin tab has been selected.
  • Select the Configuration tab.
  • Ensure the proper Active Team has been selected.
  • Click/Tap on Import Folder Attempts:

The Import Folder Attempts feature is only available to Host Accounts.

Important Points

  • Users must be enrolled to the folder to import the attempts.
  • Child folder updates will cause parent folders to recalculate so import the bottom folders first and work your way to the top if you have multi-level folder scores to import.
  • Use Track All Attempts until Completed for Roles that have enrollment in place for the concerned folders:

Create LE Attempts

  • Check the box to Create LE Attempts for all trackable LE within each imported folder.

Select CSV File

  • Select CSV File: Use the Choose File button to locate the comma delimited file containing the data you want to upload. The column names required to process the file are Username, FolderID, and CompletionDate.  Score and ArchiveDueDate are optional.
  • A sample .csv file is attached at the end of this article.
  • Username (Required): Provide the username to whom the folder attempts belong.
  • FolderID (Required): This is the auto assigned Folder ID that can be obtained from the Advanced Settings of the Folder Details.
  • CompletionDate (Required): This field must contain the Date of Completion for the entire Folder.
  • Score (Optional): Column must contain a number between 0 and 100%
  • ArchiveDueDate (Optional): Input a date and time for when the Attempts will be archived.

A sample .CSV file can be found at the end of this article.

  • Once the file you selected has been uploaded, click/tap the Import button to start importing the Folder Attempt records.
  • Once the Import Process finishes, a status report will be displayed.
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