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How do I setup a Proxy User?

The Learner Module can present content 'anonymously' – even to visitors that have not registered or logged in. 



  • The content which Learners will see in their 'My Courses' is dependent upon which specific Roles the Learner has been assigned to, as their specifically assigned Learning Elements have been enrolled to those Roles.
  • If any of the Roles have expired, content will display but be disabled.
  • If the learner has two roles that grant access to common content, if either of the Roles are active then the Learning Elements for that Role will still be active also.
  • The Learner module usually shows content based on the Current User; however you can specify a 'Proxy User' in Learner > Configuration. The Learner module will then present content in 'My Courses' based on the assigned Roles of the 'Proxy User'. All content utilization will be tracked for the Proxy User. This allows the Learner module to present content anonymously to non-registered users.




  • Create a Role which grants access to the portion of the Learning Catalog you wish to present: TeaserRole.
  • Create a user account, TeaserUser, and assign Roles. 
  • Place a Learner module where you want the teaser content to be presented.
  • Configure the Learner module so that the Proxy User is set to TeaserUser.


Setup Instructions



  • LMS Admin > Roles >  Add New Role
    Create the TeaserRole Role.
  • LMS Admin > Enrollment
    Enroll the section of the Learning Catalog you wish to grant access to your visitors thru the TeaserRole Role.



  • LMS Admin > Learners > Learner Management > Add New User
    Create the TeaserUser account 


Assign Roles to TeaserUser

  • LMS Admin > Learners > Learner Management
    Once the TeaserUser is created, locate their account in the list of users and edit their account by clicking on the edit pencil icon.
  • From the Member Details page, click on 'Manage Roles for this User'. 
  • Add the TeaserRole Role 



Learner Module for Teaser Content

  • Add a New Learner module to wherever you want to present the teaser content
  • Configure the module as shown below

After such point, anyone viewing this specific Learner module will be granted access to whichever content you have assigned to TeaserUser.


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