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How to connect with AccordLMS through SFTP

Set up the FTP connection

In order to deliver or receive big files from Accord LMS Support Team, you will need to configure your FTP client correctly. We have put together some instructions as a setup example to help you in performing this configuration. Please keep in mind that we have used Filezilla software for this example and some of the instructions may differ from your actual software. There is no restriction on which software to use to connect to your FTP site, but it needs to be able to handle the SFTP protocol (for example, Windows' Explorer doesn't have this capability built in)


  • If you need to upload a big amount of files, ZIP them first! Your upload will be much faster that way.
  • Do not try to upload using Window's Explorer. You will get an error.
  • Do notuse the quick connect feature in FileZilla.
  • Open your copy of Filezilla and Navigate to File > Site Manager.

  • Click New Site.

  • Input a meaningful name for the new site.

  • Fill the Host field with the address provided by Accord LMS Support Team.

  • From the Protocol dropdown, select SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol.

  • For Logon Type, use Normal.
  • Enter the User and Password provided in the given fields. (The User and Password values will be provided to you by AccordLMS support).

  • Click Connect.

You will receive an "Unknown host key" warning dialog message. It is normal behavior and part of the TOFU (Trust on first use) security model as employed by SSH. All SFTP sessions are encrypted and authenticated by the server's host key. If the host key is unknown, then Filezilla provides no guarantee that you are really connecting to the correct server. FileZilla will never blindly trust anything (certificates, server keys, ...) and always asks the user for confirmation.

  • Check the box to "Always trust this host, add this key to the cache".
  • Click OK to proceed.

You are now connected to SFTP server. To upload files, just drag and drop files from the Local Site Window located on the left to the Remote Site Window located on the right. To Download files from your SFTP site please do the transfer from your Remote Site Window on the right to your Local Site Window on the left.

NOTE: After a while your SFTP client will show an error with the text "FATAL ERROR: Remote side unexpectedly closed network connection". Do not worry, that is just the general connection that is closed after a set time due to inactivity, your uploads or downloads will continue without issue. 

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