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What is a CSV File and how do I Create One?

A CSV is a comma-separated values file which allows data to be saved in a table structured format. They take the form of a text file containing information separated by commas.

CSV files can be open and created with any spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel, Open Office Calc, Google Spreadsheets or LibreOffice Calc. They differ from other spreadsheet file types in that you can only have one single sheet in a file. They cannot save cell, column or row styling and cannot save formulas.

In the Accord LMS, CSVs are used primarily for Bulk Importing Learners, Assigning Roles and Teams, Exporting Reports and other various type of information sent to and from your LMS.


These instructions are for Microsoft Excel 2016. Any spreadsheet software will follow a similar process.

  • Open your file in your spreadsheet program.
  • Click on File.

  • Select Save As.

  • Under 'Save As' type from the dropdown menu, choose CSV (Comma delimited).


You may see a message that your file may contain features that are not compatible with CSV. This means that any formatting you may have, such as colors, bold text or any formulas will not be preserved in the CSV formatted file.

  • Click Yes to continue.

Accord LMS uses CSV files for all import and export functionality. Here is a list of the most common uses:

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