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How do I Test my SCO?

Most SCO problems that clients experience are due to non-SCORM compliant authoring tools or improperly configured output options. If you have trouble uploading your SCO (Shareable Content Object) to the Accord LMS or if the SCO file has any disruptive issues when playing, please follow these directions;

  • Navigate to https://cloud.scorm.com
  • Sign in or create a new account.
  • Upload your content by clicking Add Content > Import a SCORM package.

Once your package has been unpacked and loaded;

  • Click the Launch button.

After your SCO finishes running;

  • Click View Registration State button.

If errors are reported, double check your SCO publishing configurations and try to get the SCO to run successfully at Scorm.com. If the SCO continues to report errors, please contact the authoring tool vendor to resolve the problem.

If the SCO loads, launches, runs and reports without any issues at cloud.scorm.com but continues to have problems within the Accord LMS, send the SCO file and a copy of the data shown in the Registration State to support@accordlms.com and our Support Team will investigate further. Please include the name of the authoring tool along with it's specific version.

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