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How do I Setup a Proxy User?

To set up a proxy account which you can use to assign either specific or sample learning content to, you will first want to set up a proxy learning Role and then set up the proxy user.

  • Log-in as an LMS Admin.
  • Ensure the proper Active Team is selected; should there be more than one Active Team.
  • Navigate to the LMS Admin tab > Roles.
  • Click Add New Role.

  • Fill in the Role Name and click Update.
  • Click on the Enrollment heading to open panel.
  • Check appropriate boxes next to whatever learning content from the Catalog you wish to Enroll for this Role. This Catalog content is what will be available to any learners or users assigned to this Role. You can enroll entire folders from the Catalog or expand arrows as necessary in order to locate specific learning elements or even specific sessions of given learning elements. 
  • Scroll near bottom and click Return to save and create Role.

Now that you've added your proxy Role, you can add your proxy User.

  • Go to LMS Admin > Teams
  • Go to the Team you wish to add your Proxy User to and click on Learners to open it's context menu.
  • Click on Learner Management from the menu.

When the Learner Management panel opens;

  • Scroll down and click Add New User.

  • Fill in all the details for your proxy user. 
  • Either use checkbox to create a random password, which will be sent to the email address entered, or select your own password.
  • Scroll down and expand the arrows as necessary next to Available Roles and select the Proxy Role you created in the steps above.
  • Scroll near bottom and click Add New User.

Now whenever logging in to the Accord LMS using the Proxy Account you created, you will be able to access whatever learning content you assigned to this proxy user by virtue of the proxy Role you assigned this proxy user.

  • Log-in using Proxy User credentials.
  • Click on My Courses to see the learning content associated with this proxy user.


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