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This article will explain and demonstrate the feature of Membership Rules.

Purpose of Membership Rules

Rules for Membership of Learning Roles are established for the purposes of effectively automating the process of granting membership into specific Learning Roles for specific types of Learners; most typically related to information based upon their Learner profiles'. 

Establishing Rules for Membership allows for Learners to be automatically funneled into the proper Roles. This will grant them access to the appropriate type of Learning Content.

Learner Role Assignment allows a Learner to be automatically included within a given learning Role whenever a new Learner or User is added, providing they satisfy the established Membership Rules.

To Create or Manage Rules for Membership for selected Learning Roles;

  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected. Menu located lower-left of screen.

  • Navigate to the Roles tab.

  • Click on the Role Group folder on left which contains the Learning Role you wish to add or edit any Membership Rules for. This will display it's associated Learning Roles within the adjacent field.

Once this Group's Learning Roles display, hover-over the Learning Role you wish to add or edit Membership Rules for and click 3 dots at right to display it's context menu and then select Role Details.

The Role Details panel will display.

  • Click on the heading for Membership Rules to open this section.

  • Automatic Drop: Select Yes if you want Learners dropped from this Role once a given Rule no longer applies to them. Select No if you want Learners to remain in this Role fully independent of any Membership Rules.

  • Matching Learners: This numerical value represents the number of Learners which currently match any given Rule's established parameters for membership. This numerical value will potentially update with subsequent Rule changes. You can immediately refresh this value by clicking on the refresh arrow.

  • Rule: Using the associated dropdown menu, select any desired parameters necessary to be satisfied in order to qualify for automatic Role Membership.

There are 2 different types of Rules:

Single Rule: Only this single Rule will need to be satisfied in order for a Learner to be automatically included in this given Role.  

And Rules: All Rules need to be satisfied before a Learner will be automatically included within this learning Role. Unless all Rules are satisfied, the Learning Role Membership Rule is not triggered and the learner will not be included in this Role. 

  • To create a new Add rule, click Add New Parameter button.

  • After establishing any desired rules for membership, click Update

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