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This article will briefly describe the purpose and process of conducting an All Members Expire.

Other Role expiration options will also be covered. 

Purpose behind All Members Expire

Expiring a Learning Role automatically suspends access to it's enrolled Learning Content for any Learners assigned to this Role. 

Upon expiration, any enrolled learning content will no longer display within the Learner's My Courses.

You have the option of immediately expiring a Role, which immediately suspends access to it's enrolled Learning Content, or you can choose to expire a Role on a future date.

As a common use example, if you desire your Learners to complete their assigned content by 05-31-2022, you may opt to expire their Learning Role on the following day of 06-01-2022.

Expiring the Role suspends further access to any Learning Content associated with this Role.

To conduct an All Members Expire;

  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected. Menu located lower-left of screen.

  • Navigate to the Roles tab.

  • Click on the Role Group folder on left which contains the Learning Role you wish to set expiration for. This will display it's associated Learning Roles within the adjacent field.

Once this Group's Learning Roles display, hover-over the specific Learning Role you wish to set expiration and click 3 dots at right to display it's context menu. Select Role Details.

A Role Details panel will display.

  • Click on the Dates tab near top.

  • You have the option of expiring the Role immediately by clicking on the All Members - Expire button near bottom of panel.

This immediately suspends any access to any learning content associated with this Role.


  • Check box for Show Role Activation and Expiration. Additional options will display.

  • After Expiration Date Options: Using the dropdown menu, you can choose to either Archive Attempts after Expiration Date or Do Not Archive Attempts after Expiration Date.

  • Expiration Date: Select date when Role will expire. 

  • Using buttons, select if the Role will expire on a Fixed Date or using a Delay. 

Delay implies a period of time following Role Activation. 

Use the associated dropdown menu to select from Days, Weeks, Months or Years.

As an example, you may wish to provide your Role associated Learners with 90 days to complete their learning assignments. Set your desired Role Activation date and then enter an expiration delay of 90 days.

  • Click Update to save and implement changes.

  • Click Return to go back to the LMS Roles page.

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