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What is the Accord LMS?


This article will briefly define the Accord Learning Management System (LMS).

What is a Learning Management System?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a type of computer program especially designed to facilitate various forms of online learning, training or testing. 

This training may be accomplished through the use of various digital files or electronic links for online websites, but can also be accomplished through Instructor-Led Training sessions, whether live sessions or pre-recorded sessions.

The Accord LMS can be used to verify and test for various skill competencies. 

All of this learning and training can be efficiently accomplished with a variety of electronic devices; PC's, laptops and cellphones.

What makes the Accord LMS so Effective and Useful?

The Accord LMS has been intentionally designed to be very flexible and accommodating.

The Accord LMS can easily handle almost any type of digital learning and testing; this includes virtual learning and testing.

This learning and testing can be accomplished through a variety of online quizzes, exams, instructional videos, instructor-led training sessions or remotely held virtual sessions. 

The Accord LMS offers Proctored Testing

As a unique and very useful feature, the Accord LMS offers online proctoring services for special online activities which require real-time proctoring. 

Online proctoring is a method used to confirm and verify that a duly authorized person is conducting a given online activity; not some unauthorized substitute.

How does the Accord LMS Compare to other LMS Systems?

When considering overall cost, logical layout, ease of use, ease of management, ease of updates, capability, flexibility and outstanding support services, the Accord LMS sits in a proud class of it’s own.

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