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Catalog - Introduction

When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


  • The Learning Catalog is to used organize and store Learning Content.

  • Within the Accord LMS, various forms of learning content are setup in the Catalog as Learning Elements.

  • Learning Elements are various types of digital files. e.g. SCORM files, streaming video, quizzes, Microsoft Documents, etc.

  • Instructor-Led-TrainingLearning Elements can include Sessions, Instructors and Locations. 

Sessions can be live in-person sessions or virtual sessions when using tools such as GoToMeeting.

  • Once Learning Elements have been created within the Catalog, they can be assigned to and accessed by individual Users or selected groups of Learners.

Video Tutorial: Catalog Orientation

Catalog Storage Folders

Learning Elements contain various types of learning content. 

Folders are containers used to group and organize different Learning Elements. 

Catalog Folders function as hierarchical containers which offer flexible ways to organize and store content. 

For example; a Learning Path can contain Collections which can contain Courses which can contain Chapters which can contain Learning Elements.

Default Folder Types

Scoreable*LEsAllowed Child Folders
Folder, Organizational Folder, Learning Path, Course
Folder, Learning Path, Course
Collection, Course

*Folders that are not scorable typically pass the score from their Child Folders and Learning Elements up to their Parent Folder.

For example; a quiz Learning Element inside a Chapter Folder will pass it's score up through this Chapter Folder and then eventually be tallied from the Course Folder. 

All Folder-Types are functionally similar with minor differences between the different Folder-Types. 

These minor differences can impact how the Folder will present to Learners, whether it's scorable and what Child folder-types it will support.

Accord recommends that LMS Admins do not modify any properties of any of the default folder-types. 

Additional Folder Types with different properties can be created by LMS Admins whenever necessary. 

Learning Elements

Learning Elements are LMS objects designed to hold different types of Learning Content. 

There are different types of Learning Elements designed to support different types of learning content. 

For Example; SCORM-type Learning Elements will have different option settings as when compared to a PDF-type Learning Element.

Learning Elements are created in the LMS Catalog within a specific folder-type.

The various folder-types which can be used inside the Catalog may possess minor differences which will affect how these folders can be used, or affect the specific types of content they can contain. 

For example; a Course Folder can contain multiple learning objects as well as other Folders. 

Not all Folders are designed to contain Learning Elements. 

See the Default Folder-Types table above for more information.

For help documentation regarding Learning Elements, please see; Learning Elements - Introduction.

Catalog Access

Accord LMS Administrators with the necessary permissions can access the Catalog. 

Any specific permissions a particular LMS Admin will have for the Catalog will depend on their specific LMS Admin Type as well as the Current Team selected. 

The Current Team is selected by using the lower-left sidebar menu. 

If the LMS Admin does not have any Catalog permissions for the Current Team, the Catalog will not display on the left sidebar menu.

Creating a Catalog begins by building a hierarchy structure of Parent and Child folders. 

Once these Folders are created inside the Catalog they can then be populated with Learning Elements or other Folders. 

The Catalog hierarchy does not need to be completed at one time. It can grow and evolve as your training needs grow and evolve.

Note: The Catalog Tab may or may not display depending on the selected Current Team. 

Whenever using the Accord LMS, ensure that the proper Current Team is selected by using it's associated menu located in the lower-left corner.

For help documentation related to the concept and usages of the Current Team, please link to; Current Team.

Sample Catalog Hierarchy

This Catalog hierarchy starts at the First Aid Certification Learning Path. 

There are three Collections of Courses. 

The Emergency Care-Collection and the Circulatory Emergencies-Course are open to display their enclosed Child Folders. 

The Circulatory Emergencies-Folder has four chapters, one of which is the final exam. 

The Learning Elements for the selected Folder, Chapter 3: Heart Attack, are in the right column. 

The Learning Catalog can support an unlimited number of Folders and Learning Elements built into individual hierarchies which stem from the top downward.

Sample Catalog Hierarchy from the Learner Perspective

Just below is a sample image from an Accord LMS portal showing a Learner's My Courses page, revealing a number of courses available to this Learner through a selected Course. 

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