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Folder Context Menu

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This article describes the Folder Context Menu.

A Folder Context Menu is an options menu showing the optional features available for a given Catalog Folder.

Any options on a folder context menu will vary upon the specific Folder-Type and any LMS Admin permissions. 

For example, a Course menu will offer a Course Details option while a Learning Path menu will offer a Learning Path Details option. In a similar manner, the menu will present Add Folder options consistent with those allowed by it's parent folder-type. A context menu will include an Add Course option for a Learning Path menu but not for a Chapter menu.

For information regarding folder types, please see Folders - Introduction.

Accessing a Folder's Context Menu 

  • Navigate to the Catalog.
  • Select a specific Folder.
  • Click 3 dots at right to open context menu. 
  • Select desired option from menu.

  • Folder Details: opens a pop-up interface which allows admins to modify most attributes of the selected folder.

  • Move To: is one of three primary ways to move folders within the hierarchy. Similar functionality to Drag and Drop or choosing the move icon in the Learning Content pane (see image below).

  • Add Folder: There will be one Add-action for each possible folder-type available in the selected folder. If there is a folder-type that is missing, this indicates that the selected folder cannot have a child-folder of that particular type. For example, a Chapter cannot contain a Course, but a Course can contain a Chapter.


The Folder Context Menu provides easy access to specific tasks available for a specific folder. The contents of the menu will change based on folder-type and LMS Admin permissions.  

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