Adding and Editing Learning Elements

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This article describes how to add and edit Learning Elements (LEs) in your Catalog.

Learning Elements contain the actual learning content which will be presented to learners. 

Learning Elements contain all the properties associated with specific content. 

LE's are stored inside Catalog folders which function in the LMS as organizational containers and may come in the form of Learning Paths or Courses.

For more information regarding Folders, please see Folders - Introduction

For more information regarding Learning Elements, please see Learning Elements - Introduction

There are three ways to add Learning Elements to the Catalog.

  1. Use the +NEW button.
  2. Select Add Learning Element from a folder's context menu.
  3. Import Learning Element properties from a .csv file

Note:  The Folder Context Menu will present an Add Learning Element option for any folder-type which can contain LE's. This option is identical to the Choose From List option described below. For more information on the Folder Context Menu, please see Folder Context Menu.

Adding a New Learning Element to the Catalog

  • Navigate to the Catalog.
  • Click to Select the folder for the new Learning Element
  • Click +NEW
  • Click Learning Element

In the above example, we have selected the Intro to First Aid Assessment course Folder and clicked the +New button above. From here we can add new folders or new learning elements.

Add Learning Element Options

Option 1:  From Computer

This option allows admins to drag and drop any supported file types from their computer's file manager onto the cube icon. Alternately, clicking on Browse Files will allow the admin to browse their file manager for the file containing any desired content.  

The From Computer option attempts to create the preferred LE type for the selected content, as well as performs some preliminary validations. 

For example; if a Microsoft Document is selected, the LMS will validate that the file size lies within the Microsoft Online Viewer's requirements (<10MB) before automatically selecting the correct LE Type. 

If a SCORM .zip file is loaded, the LMS will validate the .zip file as a properly formatted SCO item and then create a SCORM LE-Type.

When necessary, automatically generated LE-Types can be edited from the Learning Element Details panel. 

Option 2: From URL

The From URL option facilitates the creation of Learning Elements based upon their URL. 

Examples include streaming video and external web links.

Option 3: Choose from List

The Choose from List option allows the LMS Admin to select from any of the currently available Learning Element Types. Click on the preferred Learning Element Type when creating a New Learning Element. The LE will open on the LE Details page. Provide a name for the LE and upload the appropriate content for this type of LE. 

For more comprehensive details on a specific LE-Type, please select an LE-Type from the list below.

Current LE Types include:


Assessment or Quiz


Instructor Led Training


Rich Text

Microsoft Asset

Google Asset


Assignment Upload



Editing a Learning Element - Learning Element Details

Learning Element Details are presented when initially creating a new Learning Element. 

Learning Element Details can also be accessed at any time after creation when selecting Details from the Learning Element Context Menu.

For more information on the Learning Element Context Menu, please see: Learning Element Context Menu.

By default, Learning Element Details will initially display the General Settings panel.

In many cases, the only required details is a unique name for your Learning Element as well as the content itself.

The other options situated on the left-side of the page include; Advanced Settings, Education Activities, Attempt Limit, Role Awards, Http Request and Notifications.

Saving Changes

Click Save & Close to save and implement any settings for your Learning Element. 

When selecting a given Catalog folder, any Learning Elements it contains will appear within the Learning Content field situated on the right side.


Learning Elements can be automatically added from an LMS Admin's computer, pasted as a URL, or selected from a list of LE Types. 

The +NEW menu allows for all three processes. 

The Folder Context Menu can be used to add a Learning Element using the list of LE types.

Learning Element Details can be edited when the LE is initially created, or can be edited after creation when selecting the Details option from it's Context Menu.

For help documentation related to the Learning Element Context Menu, please see; Learning Element Context Menu.

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