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Learning Element Context Menu

*When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


This article describes the Learning Element Context Menu.

A Learning Element Context Menu is an options menu showing the optional features available for a given Learning Element.

For information regarding Learning Element Types, please see Learning Elements - Introduction.

Accessing a Learning Element Context Menu 

  • Navigate to the Catalog.
  • Click on the specific Folder containing your desired Learning Element.
  • Select a specific Learning Element in the Learning Content column.
  • Click 3 dots at right to open context menu. 
  • Select desired option from menu.

The Learning Element Context Menu provides access to the LE Details User interface. LE Details provides access to most Learning Element configuration options.


Using the Learning Element Context Menu provides access to LE Details, Preview LE and an alternate way to use the Move To and Delete features. 

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