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This article describes the Accord LMS Catalog Search Feature. Currently this feature searches for all types of Learning Elements but will not search for any Folder-Types.

Keyword Search

The Accord LMS offers a keyword search. The most effective process is to select one word that will be found in your Learning Element. While admins can use a phrase in quotations or multiple words, the search engine processes each word individually.

Search Options

The scope of the search is set within Accord LMS Configuration - General Settings. This sitewide setting can choose to index any combination of the following search options; Title, Tags, Description or Body. Body will include the actual content of many LE types. Because it will return such a broad scope of results, in most cases searching the Body is not recommended. 

Exact Match

The Match setting is also set within Accord LMS Configuration - General Settings. Choosing Exact Match returns only results which match the search term exactly.  

For example, the search term of 'account' will only return results where the indexed data contains the word 'account'. 

If Exact Match is not selected, the search engine will return the closest matches. Using this very same example this might return results which include the terms of 'accountant', 'accounting' and 'accountable'.

The image above displays the search-setting options within Configuration.

For more information on Configuration Options in the Accord LMS, please see; Configuration - General Options - Introduction.

Using the Catalog Search

To search for Learning Elements;

  • Navigate to the Catalog.
  • Enter a search term in the Search Catalog Field (located at upper-right).
  • Any search results will then display within the LEARNING CONTENT pane. 

In the example below, the word 'first' was typed into the search bar at upper right. As the word is being entered into the search field, any located results will then begin to appear in a new temporary folder called Search Results. 

Any Learning Elements displaying within the Search Results folder will continue to display inside this folder until the search results are cleared by clicking on the (x) in the search field, or manually deleting the search term.

Any Learning Elements displayed in the Search Results folder will also show their location within the Catalog hierarchy. 

Any of these LEs can be edited, copied or moved while displayed as Search Results.


The Accord LMS contains site-wide search settings which control the scope and type of each search executed. 

The Admin Catalog provides a useful search function which will return the appropriate Learning Elements which can then be edited, previewed, copied, moved or deleted by any authorized LMS Admin.

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