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This article will describe the process of moving one or more Learning Elements and/or Child Folders from one Folder to another within the Catalog. The features described in this article are accessed thru the LMS Admin's Catalog.

For information about the Catalog please review; Catalog - Introduction.

For information about Folders please review; Folders - Introduction.

For information about Learning Elements please review; Learning Elements - Introduction.

Moving a Learning Element - Drag and Drop

There are two ways to move a learning element. An Admin can simply drag any desired Learning Element from the LEARNING CONTENT Pane into any chosen Folder from the column  the left. 

In the example below, the Admin will remove the Learning Element titled LMS Admin Sample Quiz from the Sample - LMS Admin Training course, and then place it into the Boston Content folder.

Important Tips:

  • To Drag an item, click on the item and hold the mouse button down while moving the item (dragging) to the intended Folder. Once the item is properly positioned, release the mouse button (drop) to complete this Drag-and-Drop process.

  • Ensure the desired destination Folder is visible before beginning the Drag-and-Drop process. 

  • Drag-and-Drop can only move one LE or Folder at one time. 

To move multiple LEs to a shared destination folder, please use the optional Selection Menu method as described below.

  • Moving any Folder will move it's entire contents, including any Child Folders.

  • Folders can also be moved using the Drag-and-Drop method by dragging them from the LEARNING CONTENT field into any Folders in the left-hand column.

Drag and Drop LE Move Example

Move Learning Elements by using the Selection Menu

The Selection Menu provides another method to move Learning Elements. 

This method has an advantage by being able to move multiple Learning Elements to the same destination Folder during a single process. 

The Selection Menu option can also move entire Folders and Learning Elements at the very same time, as long as they are being delivered to the very same destination Folder.

  • Select one or more items from the LEARNING CONTENT field.
  • Click on the MOVE icon indicated in the image below.

  • Clicking the Move Button will display a list of available Parent Folders.
  • Select a Destination Folder from this list and click the OK button.


Learning Elements and Folders can be moved from one Parent Folder to another Folder by dragging and dropping the source item into a destination Folder. Multiple items can be moved during a single process when using the MOVE button which displays a selection menu.

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