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This article describes the process of copying a Learning Element from one folder to another within the Catalog. 

Copying a Learning Element leaves the original LE in it's current folder while creating a reference copy in a new folder. 

It is important to understand that a reference copy is essentially the very same Learning Element, only now referenced from a different folder. 

Making any changes to a cloned Learning Element from within one Folder will automatically change all copies of the same cloned Learning Element which might be contained in another Catalog folder.

To create a unique version of a Learning Element, the Admin must create a new copy of the Learning Element having a unique LE Name. 

Important Tips:  

  • Presently the Accord LMS does not provide a Copy Folder feature. 
  • New folders can be created and LEs can be moved or copied into a new folder structure.

  • A Learning Element cannot be moved into a folder which contains another LE having the exact same name.

To Copy Learning Content from One Folder to Another Folder;

  • Navigate to the Catalog.

  • Click on the source Folder to display it's Learning Elements in the Learning Content pane.

  • Select the Learning Element you want to copy; this will activate the Copy button, as indicated below.

  • Click the Copy button.

The example below will create a reference copy of the Assessment and Care for Stroke Victims YouTube LE and place it within the Intro to First Aid Assessment Folder.

After clicking the Copy button a selection list will open.

Select a destination folder to receive the reference copy and click OK.


Accord Administrators can create a reference copy of any Learning Element and place it within another Catalog Folder. 

The use of reference copies reduces labor in cases where content or settings must be updated. 

Each cloned-copy of any LE will reflect any edits or updates to any other cloned-copies of the same LE.

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