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Delete Folders and Learning Elements

*When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


This article describes the process of deleting Folders and Learning Elements from the Catalog. 

Folders and Learning Elements can be deleted from the Learning Content column in the Catalog.  

Important tips;

Deleting Folders will remove the Folder and any Folder contents. Any child folders and their contents will also be deleted.

Top Level Folders must be deleted from the folder context menu from the Folder column.

For information on the Folder Context Menu, please see; Folder Context Menu.

To delete Learning Content from the Catalog;

  • Navigate to the Catalog.

  • Click on the Folder which contains the content you want to delete. Any Learning Elements or Child folders will display within the LEARNING CONTENT column.

  • Click the appropriate check boxes to select any items for deletion.

  • Click the Delete icon as indicated below to delete any selected content.

In the example below, the Emergency Care Folder has been selected to show its contents within the LEARNING CONTENT column. The Circulatory Emergencies Course Folder has been selected. When the indicated Delete Icon is clicked and confirmed, Circulatory Emergencies and any Child Folders, to include their content, will all be simultaneously deleted from the Catalog.

The Recycle Folder;

If any deleted Learning Elements do not already exist within another Catalog Folder, the LMS will automatically store this Learning Element inside the Recycle Folder

Items in the Recycle Folder can still be included in reports or added back into an active folder whenever desired. 

If any of these Learning Elements are subsequently hard-deleted from the Recycle Folder, all learner attempt records and any past activity associated with this content is also deleted. 

It is a best-practice not to delete any content from the Recycle Folder if the Learning Element or any of it's associated training records might still be needed at some point in the future.

Items Deleted from the Recycle Folder are Hard-Deleted;

Any items deleted from the Recycle Folder are hard-deleted and cannot be restored.


The process for deleting Folders and Learning Elements is essentially identical. 

Folders at the top of the Catalog hierarchy must be deleted using the Folder Context menu in the left column of the Catalog.

Unless any deleted Learning Elements presently exist within another Catalog Folder, these deleted Learning Elements are stored inside the Recycle Bin.

For further help documentation relating to the Recycle Folder, please see; The Recycle Folder.

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