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This article will define and describe the general usage and setup of a Course folder-type.

A Course is a type of Catalog Folder.

Courses are added to the Catalog in a manner similar to any other type of Catalog Folder.

For help documentation related to adding any Folder to the Catalog, please refer to; Adding and Editing Folders, otherwise the following information describes some general uses of a Course Folder.

Purpose behind a Course folder-type

A Course is a type of hierarchical Catalog Folder which can be directly populated with Learning Elements and/or contain the sub-folder type called Chapters.

Courses are a convenient tool for organizing and assigning any associated Chapters.

SCORING: A Course folder-type will be scored based on scores earned by any Learning Elements or any Child Folders.



Learner Presentation: Drill Down

Scoring Process: Roll Up

Allowed Child Types: Chapters, Learning Elements

Allowed Parent Types: Learning Paths, Folders, Organizational Folders

Important Tips: 

The settings above are system defaults but can be modified by an LMS Admin having appropriate permissions. 

It is considered a best practice to NOT modify existing folder-types, but instead create a new folder-type if necessary.

The Accord LMS will prevent LMS Admins from creating any folder-type which are not allowed as Child Folders in any selected Parent Folder.

For information on Creating a New Folder, please see; Adding and Editing Folders.

Course Details (settings)

Generally, the informational Detail settings which may be set or entered for the various folder-types are very similar.

For more in-depth documentation regarding the various Details which may be entered or set for Courses, please see Detail Settings for All Folder-Types.

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