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Education Activities

When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


This article will describe the purpose behind Education Activities and explains how to access and set certain details for any Education Activities.

The Accord LMS typically comes pre-supplied with numbers of default acronyms already set for common Education Activities. New education activities can be added. 

For adding a new type of Education Activity, please refer to this help documentation; Configuration - Education Activities - Adding New.

Education Activities

You can set various types of Education Activities appropriate for your training content. 

Thru the Accord LMS, each time an Admin creates an Education Activity, the system simultaneously creates a Gaming Activity under the same name which can be utilized if choosing to award education Badges. 

For further help information regarding Gaming Activities please link to; 

Gamification - Introduction.

To Access Educational Activities

  • Navigate to the Catalog tab.

  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected (menu located on lower-left of screen).

  • Locate the Folder with the Learning Element you wish to set or view Education Activities for and select to highlight. This will display any Learning Elements inside this folder within the LEARNING CONTENT field.

  • To access Education Activities for a specific Learning Element, click on the 3 dots at the far right side to display it's context menu and select LE details.

Once in the Learning Element Details panel, click on the Educational Activities tab on the left.

The Educational Activities panel will display.

Management of Education Activities

Any Learning Element (LE) can award Education Activities, based upon your selected criteria.

  • Award Requirements: using the associated dropdown panel, determine the proper parameters for Learners to receive this award for this Learning Element. 
  • Select from Complete, Pass, Complete or Pass or Complete and Pass.

  • In the field next to the Title of the Education Activity, enter the number of points you wish to assign.

The other tabs include;

  • Click Save & Close.

Editing Points or Values for any Education Activities

If wanting to edit any points or values for any Education Activities, repeat steps above to re-enter the Education Activities panel, change any point values in it's associated field and click Save & Close.


Education Activities is where an LMS Admin can choose to award points for various learning activities.

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