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Grading an Assignment Upload

When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


This article will demonstrate and explain the methods necessary to grade an LMS assignment-file which has been uploaded into the system by a given Learner.

How to Grade an Uploaded Assignment

Amongst the various types of Learning Elements, there is a type referred to as Assignment Upload.

Utilizing this type of Learning Element allows Learners to upload assignment-files into the LMS for subsequent review and grading; either by an instructor or by an LMS Admin.

To review and/or grade an assignment-file uploaded by a Learner;

  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected. Menu located lower-left of screen.

  • Navigate to the Reports tab.

If a defined report type for Assignment Uploads does not already exist; 

  • Under Quick Reports - LE Activity with Learner Detail, in the dropdown menu select Define New Report and click Continue.  

Under Definitions

Selected Definition: From the dropdown menu select a definition to view or generate report.

Name: Name your Report Definition.

Owner: The Team that defined and owns this definition. Only LMS Admins from this Team can edit or delete this definition.

Description: Enter an optional description.

Team View Permissions: Select which Teams will maintain view permissions for this Report.

Under Filters

Learner's tab: use buttons to select from Users, Roles or Teams and choose which segments of Learners will be included in this Report.

Content tab: select which specific Learning Elements will be included in this Report.

Date tab: select the inclusive dates for this Report.

Columns tab: select the specific data columns you wish to display for this Report.  

Under the Columns tab; ensure box for Assignment Grading is checked.  

After selecting your desired settings;

  • Scroll upwards and click Update.

Now when using your Assignment Upload report definition;

  • While under the Reports tab, click on your report for Assignment Upload and click Continue.

When the Assignment Upload panel opens;

Scroll downward and locate the specific user's assignment-file upload you choose to grade. Scroll to the far right on the row for this user's assignment, locate the Learner's uploaded file and click on it.

Once perusing the uploaded file, you may check the box for Completed

Use the dropdown menu for Success Status to select from Passed or Failed

Enter an optional Score.

Unless you choose to enter a specific Date, the date which reflects on the report will be the original date and time the Learner originally uploaded the file.

After making your selections, click Update.

Please note; the Comments field is strictly comments for LMS Admin personnel, not comments forwarded to any Learners who uploaded assignments.

After clicking Update, any involved data columns will reflect on the generated report.


Once Learners have uploaded an assignment, these assignments can be reviewed and/or graded by LMS Admins or Instructors.

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