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Virtual ILT (VILT)

When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) Sessions are similar to Instructor Led Training (ILT) Sessions, but Virtual Sessions are virtually hosted via a webinar, rather than a physical classroom.

The article will describe and demonstrate how to setup Virtual Instructor Led Training sessions.

Virtual Location

Virtual Locations are created in the same manner that nonvirtual ILT Locations are created, with the exception that a Virtual Location needs to be selected from the Location-Type dropdown menu.

To Establish a VILT Location

  • Ensure the Proper Current Team is selected.

To ensure you can always find a given Team, ensure the proper Current Team is selected at the lower-left of your screen.


From the main tab menu at left, extend the Advanced tab and select Configuration.

  • Once the Configuration page displays, click on ILT Resources.

  • When the ILT Resources panel displays, open the LOCATIONS heading.

  • When the Locations panel opens, click Add New Location.

After screen refreshes;

  • Name: (required) Enter a Location name or designation.

  • Status: Select if this Location will be Active or Inactive. Only Active Locations are available for current use.

  • Location Type: Select Virtual - General from the dropdown menu to create the Virtual Location for the ILT. 

  • Other virtual ILT formats; for reference sake, virtual ILT meetings may also be held through GoToMeeting,GoToWebinar or GoToTraining programs by selecting these specific formats from the dropdown menu.

  • Max Learners: Maximum number of Learners that are allowed in this location. Leave blank for unlimited.

  • Information URL: Input the URL to the Location website or online map.

  • Owner: From the dropdown menu, select which Teams 'owns' this Location, allowing any Team LMS Admins to edit or update this Location.

  • Team Availability: (required) Select which Teams can use this Location.

  • Description: Optionally, enter any text information which may help to describe or identify this Location.

  • Click Create to create and save your new Location.

The newly created Virtual Location will now display in your Locations list.

To Turn a Non-Virtual Session into a Virtual Session

To Turn a Non-Virtual Session into a Virtual Session, or vice-versa, or to Edit an existing Location;

  •    Click on the edit icon next to the Session you wish to edit.

Different Types of ILT Sessions

A single Instructor Led Training Learning Element can include either ILT Sessions, VILT Sessions or a combination of both.

To create an Instructor Led Training Learning Element, follow steps described in; Setup ILT Learning Element.

Create a New Session

To create a new VILT Session please see; Creating a New Session.

In Conclusion

Virtual Instructor Led Training Sessions (VILT) are very similar to other types of Instructor Led Training sessions, an exception being a virtual location is being used rather than a physical location.

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