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Add a Child Team

When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


This article will briefly describe the purpose and process of adding an LMS Child Team.

Purpose behind Adding a Child Team

On occasion an LMS Admin may choose to manage a particular group of Learners inside of their own dedicated Child Team.

Since each Child Team can be managed somewhat independently of other Teams, having a segmented group of Learners assigned to their own Team will allow an LMS Admin the limited ability to manage Learners on this Team in a manner independent of other Learners on other Teams.

Child Team Permissions

Child Teams may possess the same level of access and permissions of their selected Parent Team, or any Child Teams thereof. 

Child Teams cannot possess any permission's greater than their Parent Team (or any Teams higher in the Team hierarchy). 

Permissions may include access to Learning Roles, access to Catalog Folders or any LMS Admin privileges.

Adding a New Child Team

To create a new Child Team;

  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected. Menu located lower-left of screen.

  • Navigate to the Teams tab.

  • Select and highlight a Team to function as the Parent Team for your new Child Team. 

You may choose to use the top-level All Members Team to serve as the Parent Team or a preexisting Child Team.

  • Click 3 dots at right to open this Team's context menu and select Add Child Team.

The Add Child Team panel will display.

  • Type a required name in the Team Name field.

  • Include Group: Check this box if you want to provide this Team's members with their own Group. Checking box will prompt a refresh and a Group Name field will appear. Enter Group Name.

  • Parent Team: Use the associated dropdown menu to select whichever Team you desire to be this Team's Parent Team. 

  • Optionally, in field provided enter a Description or any other information you wish to be associated with this Child Team.

  • In the Reference field you may add optional reference information.

  • Version History: Initially blank, this field will update every time this Team is updated or edited. 

  • Click Save & Close to save information and create this New Child Team.

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