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Moving and Copying Teams

When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


This article will describe how to Move and Copy Learner Teams.

Purpose behind Moving and Copying Teams

An LMS Admin may decide to Move or Copy Teams from one location to another.

Moving and/or Copying Teams can be accomplished in two different manners; both demonstrated here.

Please understand that any special LMS Admin permissions for any Team copied or moved under a new Parent Team may be affected, depending on any established permissions of their new Parent Team.

Moving or Copying Teams

To Move or Copy Teams;

  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected. Menu located lower-left of screen.

  • Navigate to the Teams tab.

Move a Team by the Drag and Drop Method

Very similar to any typical hierarchical storage folder structure, an existing Team may be moved to a new location within it's hierarchical structure by clicking on the desired Team, holding down the mouse, and then dragging and dropping the Team under a different Team.

Move Team by Context Menu Method

  • Click on the Team you wish to move to open it's context menu.
  • Select Team Details from menu.

The TEAM DETAILS panel will open.

  • Use the dropdown menu next to Parent Team to select a new Parent Team.
  • After making your selection click Update.

Make a Copy of an Existing Team

Copying a Team will simultaneously copy any of it's existing subordinate Child Teams.

To make a copy of an existing Team;

  • Click on the Team you wish to copy to open it's context menu.
  • Select Team Details from menu.

Two different Teams under the same Parent Team cannot have the same name. If desiring to create a duplicate copy of the same Team having the same Parent Team, place a new name for the copied Team within the Team Name field.

  • Using the Parent Team dropdown menu, select the desired destination Parent Team for your new copied Team.

  • Click Copy.

After returning to the Teams tab, refresh the page and the new copied Team will now exist under it's newly assigned Parent Team.

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