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Moving Teams

When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


This article will describe how to Move an LMS Team from one parent Team to another parent Team. 

Please note; the top All Members Team must remain the top parent Team.

Important Note

If there are any Admin Types which maintain any Team permissions for any Team you wish to move, these exact same Admin Types must also have these same Team permissions established under the new Parent Team before a move will be permitted by the LMS system.

These Admin Type Team permissions must be removed prior to a move, or any applicable Admin Types must be deleted first.

During an attempted move, if any such restrictions exist, the system will prompt a message, letting you know what specific Admin Types must be either updated or deleted first.

Purpose behind Moving Teams

An LMS Admin may decide to Move a Team from one parent Team to another parent Team.

For various reasons, a given Team may be better utilized or managed under one parent Team versus another. This condition may develop when an original parent Team will be deleted from the system as your organization evolves.

Moving a Team can be accomplished in two different methods, both demonstrated here.

Moving a Team

To Move a Team;

  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected. Menu located lower-left of screen.

  • From the main tab menu at left, select the Teams tab.

Move a Team by the Drag and Drop Method

Very similar to any typical hierarchical storage folder structure, an existing Team may be moved to a new location within it's hierarchical structure by clicking on the desired Team, holding down the mouse, and then dragging and dropping the Team under a new parent Team.

Move Team by Context Menu Method

  • Click on the Team you wish to move to open it's context menu.
  • Select Team Details from menu.

The Team Details panel will open.

While under the General tab;

  • Use the dropdown menu next to Parent Team to select a new Parent Team.
  • After making your selection click Save & Close.

When returning to the main Teams page, the moved Team will now exist under it's new parent Team.

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