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This article will explain the purpose and process of adding an Access Code for a given Team.

What is the Purpose behind an Access Code?

An Access Code is a digital code used to allow selected Learners to have access to specific learning content. 

How are Access Codes Digitally Defined?

Access Codes are similar to RSVP codes with the exception that they support a many-to-many relationship with Learning Roles and can also be specific for specific Team Memberships.

After configuration and creation, Access Codes can be submitted to grant specific groups of Learners, or any specific Users, any number of Learning Roles (both to the local portal and/or other portals within the DNN installation).  

Access Codes can be used to grant Team Membership; which may frequently come into play with larger hierarchical training structures. 

If a given Leaner is granted access to selected learning content thru use of an Access Code and this same Learner has authorized access to a Learning Role on a different Accord LMS portal, the same access code will validate usage for that portal as well.

Add New Access Code

To add a New Team Access Code;

  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected. Menu located lower-left of screen.

  • From the main tab menu at left select the Teams tab.

  • Highlight a Team you wish to create an Access Code for and click 3 dots at right to open it's context menu.

  • Select Team Details from menu.

The Team Details panel will display. 

  • At left, select the Access Code tab.

Initially the Access Codes list may be empty.

  • Click Add New Access Code.

The Team Access Codes details panel will display.

  • Access Code Name:  Input Access Code Name in this field.
  • Access Code:  Enter new Access Code here.

Though a variety of informational details may be set or entered for any Access Code, only a Name and the Code itself are required to create any Access Code when clicking Add & Close.

Access Code - Details tabFor more comprehensive information related to all the various types of information which might be set or entered for any Access Code, please see; Team Access Codes - Details.

Utilization and Expiration tab: Though not necessary to set any utilization or expiration settings to create or use an Access Code, for information related to utilization and expiration settings, please see; 

Team Access Codes - Utilization and Expiration.

  • Unless choosing to enter further informational details or any Utilization and Expiration settings, upon entering a Name and the actual Code, clicking Add & Close will create and save this Access Code.  

The new Access Code will then display within the Team Access Codes list.

Any codes listed here will be for the Selected Team and any Child Teams. 

Access Codes can only be edited by Team LMS Admin which created them.

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