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LMS Admin Types

*When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


This article will explain the purposes and uses behind the various LMS Admin Types.

What are LMS Admin Types?

From a general perspective, an LMS Admin Type is a type of digitally defined manager, typically used to manage a given segment of an organization's LMS training needs. 

As a standard default, the Accord LMS comes delivered with four existing LMS Admin Types; these LMS Admin Types being a Learner Admin, Content Admin, Report Admin and Team Admin.

The functional features of the various LMS Admin Types can be used to define various permissions and defined levels of access for specific employees functioning as LMS Administrators. 

Each User Administrator can only be assigned one LMS Admin Type for any given Team. 

Should additional LMS responsibilities become required, new LMS Admin Types can be created easily.

Please Note; It is normally a best practice to leave all default settings for the original preset LMS Admin Types under the 'All Members Team' unchanged. 

It is strongly advised to only edit any LMS Admin Types associated with any Child Teams. 

Accessing Team LMS Admin Types

To access any existing LMS Admin Types for any specific Team;

  • Navigate to the Teams tab.

  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected (menu located lower-left of screen).

  • Clicking on the arrow next to a given Team will allow it to expand, displaying any existing LMS Admin Types for this Team.

Adjacent numerical figures represent how many Users presently hold these LMS Admin Type permissions for this Team.

In the example below, the E-Recruiting Team has 2 existing LMS Admin Types, the New Personnel Admin and Team Admin.

Should you desire to add a new LMS Admin Type or edit an existing LMS Admin Type, click 3 dots at right of Team header to open it's context menu and select LMS Admin Types. 

Please note; a created LMS Admin Type can only be edited or deleted by a member of the Team which created it.

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