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Restoring Soft-Deleted Learners

When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


This article will briefly describe the process of restoring a soft-deleted Learner.

Purpose of Restoring Soft-Deleted Learners

A Learner may exist in the LMS as a soft-deleted Learner, meaning the original profile information for this Learner still exists within the system, but this Learner does not reflect as an active Learner and this Learner cannot engage in LMS activities.

For a variety of reasons, an LMS Admin may choose to restore a soft-deleted Learner.

To Restore a Soft-Deleted Learner

To Access Learner Management:

  • Login using LMS Admin credentials.

  • From the left-hand menu, click on the Teams tab. 

  • Expand the arrow for the Team your soft-deleted Learner belongs.

  • Click on this Team's Learner heading, this will display this Team's Learners within the adjacent field on the right.

  • If necessary scroll to locate the soft-deleted Learner you wish to restore.

Please note; any Learners presently existing under soft-delete statuses have their informational details scored-out with a line across the middle.

  • Hover over the soft-deleted Learner to highlight.

This will cause 3 dots for a menu to display to it's right.

  • Click these 3 dots to display this Learner's context menu.

  • Click Restore.

After clicking restore, this Learner will appear on the Team Learner list as normal.

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