Bulk Team Assignment

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When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


This article will briefly describe the purpose and process to conduct a Bulk Team Assignment.

Purpose behind a Bulk Team Assignment

The Accord LMS Bulk Team Assignment feature can be used when wanting to efficiently and quickly add bulk numbers of Learners to a selected Team during a single process.

To Perform a Bulk Team Assignment

  • Login with LMS Admin credentials.

  • From the main tab menu at left Select the Teams tab.

The Teams page will display.

  • Locate the specific Team you wish to bulk add new Learners and highlight to display it's menu buttons.

  • Click menu buttons to display this Team's context menu.

  • From menu select Bulk Team Assignment.

A Bulk Team Assignment panel will display.

From the Bulk Team Assignment panel;

Learner Source:

In order to search for the specific Learners you want to add to this Team during this bulk process, select a button option to select from either Teams or Roles or a CSV file. 

If Selecting the Teams or Roles Option

  • All members: Checking this box will automatically add all active LMS members to this Team.

  • If you do not want to add All Members to this Team, leave box for All Members unchecked and proceed to check any box next to any available Role to activate the Search function. 

  • Next to Learners: click button to Show Search, use dropdown menus to choose your search criteria and click Search for Learners.

Any Learners meeting your search criteria will display within the search field.

  • Place a checkbox next to any selected Learners you wish to add to this Team during this bulk process.

If Selecting the CSV File Option

  • Select button for CSV file and select a CSV file from your local system which contains the Learners you want to add to this Team during this bulk process.

  • Notify Learners: Check box if choosing to notify Learners of their new Team assignment. 

If leaving box unchecked, no notifications are sent.


  • From Assignment down below, select button option to Add.

  • Click Submit: Once selecting your desired criteria for your Bulk Team Assignment

After clicking submit, any selected Learners are added to your chosen Team.

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