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Bulk Learner Import - FTP & Reports

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This article will briefly describe the purpose of the Bulk Learner Import FTP & Reports panel.

Purpose of the Bulk Learner Import FTP & Reports Panel

The Bulk Learner Import FTP & Reports Feature is a panel which can be accessed for the purposes of verifying the various statuses of import schedules, FTP directories, file names for authorized automatic imports, automatic import reports and the set duration length for report storage.

Bulk Learner Import CSV files can be transferred into a specific directory via an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and then be automatically imported.

This function is performed in the Bulk Learner Import section (Allow Automatic Import) as described in the prior article; Bulk Learner Import. 

This article will describe the setup and directory path to your .CSV file for this import action.

To Access the Bulk Learner Import FTP & Reports Panel

  • Login with LMS Admin credentials.

  • From the main menu tab at left select the Teams tab.

The Teams page will display.

From the Teams page.

  • Locate the specific Team you wish to inspect the Bulk Learner Import FTP & Reports panel and highlight to prompt menu buttons to display.

  • Click menu buttons to display a context menu.

  • Select Bulk Learner Import FTP and Reports from context menu.

The Bulk Learner Import - FTP & Reports panel will display.

  • Automatic Import Schedule: This will display the set frequency for the Automatic Import. This set frequency can be changed. 

For assistance in changing the frequency of your Import Schedule, please consult your dedicated Accord LMS salesperson or contact Accord LMS Support.

  • FTP Directory: Directory on the Web Server where the CSV Bulk Team Import files should be transferred via FTP.

  • Allowed Automatic Import File Names: Authorized File Names for CSV Bulk Team Import. 

File formats are the same as when used thru the manual upload process.

  • Automatic Import Reports: Status Reports for CSV Bulk Team Import.

  • Report Storage Duration: This is the length of time the automatically imported reports will be stored on the server. This duration value can be set or changed thru the Advanced tab > Configuration tab > General Options tab > Bulk Import Report Storage.

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