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When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


This article will briefly describe the benefits and methods associated with Learning Role Enrollment and demonstrates how to setup a new enrollment.

As a common use example of enrollment, various Catalog folders or Learning Elements are enrolled to specific Learning Roles. Learners can then be assigned to specific Roles, which then grants them access to this Role's associated content; whether this content be an entire Catalog folder of content, or one single Learning Element.

LMS Admin can force enrollment for any LMS Learners on their assigned Teams. 

After such point, any training or learning content associated with these Roles, will then auto-populate within the Learners' My Courses.  

Benefits of Learning Role Enrollment:

New Learners can be associated with existing Learning Roles. Any training or content associated with these Roles are automatically assigned to the Learner’s My Courses

Learners removed from Learning Roles will lose their associated enrollments.

Benefits of Catalog Folder enrollment:

New Learning Elements can be immediately added and associated with preexisting Catalog Folders.

After such point, all folder associated enrollments will update, causing any new Learning Elements to then reflect within the Learners' My Courses. When using this method, no additional enrollment action is required by LMS Admin or Learner. 

Conversely, Learning Elements removed from a Learning Catalog Folder and their associated enrollments will be automatically removed from the Learner's My Courses.

To access Enrollment features, from the Accord LMS Landing Page;

  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected. Menu located lower-left of screen.

  • Expand the Advanced tab.

  • Click Actions tab to open Actions Page.

To enroll Learners with their proper training;  

  • From the LEARNING CATALOG panel. check box next to the desired training.
  • From the TEAMS,ROLES LEARNERS panel, select the desired Learning Role.
  • Using Search for Learners, check box next to any desired Learners.
  • Using the dropdown menu for Select Action, select Add Enrollment.
  • After the page refreshes, click Submit.

A confirmation box will display confirming action, or an error box will display, alluding to any neglected required details.

Once enrollment is completed, the newly enrolled Learners will then have access to the learning content associated with their new Learning Role.


Adding enrollment is a quick and effective manner to assign LMS learning content. 

For help documentation relating to dropping Learner enrollments to discontinue access to learning content, please see; Drop Enrollment.

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