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Query Learning Catalog

When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


On occasion an LMS Admin may want to determine any specific Learning Roles and/or Learners which are assigned to various selected Catalog Folders and Learning Elements. 

This article will explain and demonstrate the Query Learning Catalog Feature which can be used to determine which Learners and/or Learning Roles might be enrolled with various Catalog Folders and Learning Elements.

To use the Query Learning Catalog feature;

  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected. Menu located lower-left of screen.
  • Expandn the Advanced tab and select Actions.

Expand the TEAMS, ROLES & LEARNERS and ACTIONS panels.

  • From the LEARNING CATALOG panel, check box next to any Catalog Folders and/or Learning Elements you wish to query enrollments for.

  • From the ACTIONS panel, next to the Select Action dropdown menu, select 'Query Learning Catalog'.*

*Page will refresh with a prompt under the Action Panel which reads; 'Query the selected Folders, Learning Elements and Sessions and show associated Team Members, Learning Roles and/or Learners.

  • Parameter option buttons will then display. Select button next to your desired parameters.

  • Type: Query those Learning Elements that were either enrolled with Learner My Courses, or with the Learner Catalog.

  • Team: Include only Current Team enrollments, include only Parent Team enrollments, or include All types of Team enrollments.

  • Criteria: Select to Match ALL or Match ANY

With a Match ALL query; if you select multiple Roles/Learners, or All Team Members, only Folders/Learning Elements which have ALL of the selected Roles (All Team Members and Learners) enrolled will display. 

With a Match ANY query; if you select multiple Roles/Learners or All Team Members, only Folders or Learning Elements that have ANY of the selected Roles (All Team Members and Learners) enrolled will display.

  • Once selecting all desired parameters, click Submit.

After clicking Submit, any Learners and/or Learning Roles which are enrolled with any Folders or Learning Elements selected from the Learning Catalog will display with a check inside their associated box.

In Conclusion

Conducting a Query Learning Catalog function is a quick and easy method for an LMS Admin to determine which Learning Roles and/or Learners are enrolled to various Catalog Folders, as well as various Learning Elements.

For help documentation relating to querying various Learning Roles and Members, please see the following article; Query from Learning Roles and Members.

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