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Create Learning Element Attempt Records

When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


This article will briefly describe the purpose and process of creating Learning Element Attempt Records.

The Accord LMS automatically tracks Learner utilization and Learning Element attempt activities.


What is the purpose behind creating attempt records? 

Attempt records might be created for certification purposes for SCORM and Non-SCORM Learning Elements which involve activities outside the LMS or for company record keeping.

Important Points

The ability to capture Attempt Records is initially setup for selected Learners during the Enrollment process. Please link to the following help documentation for information relating to the Enrollment process; Learning Role - Enrollment.

Instructor Led Training Sessions (ILT): attempt records for ILT cannot be created from the Action Panel. 

Specific ILT attempt records can be created from the ILT Session Roster.

For ILT Session Roster help documentation, please see; ILT Session Roster.

Create Learning Element Attempt Records

To use the Create Learning Element Attempt Records feature;

  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected. Menu located lower-left of screen.
  • Expand the Advanced tab and select Actions.

From the LEARNING CATALOG panel:

  • Expand arrows as necessary and Select any desired Folders or Learning Elements you wish to run attempt records for by placing a checkmark within their adjacent box.

From the TEAMS, ROLES & LEARNERS panel:

  • All Team Members: check box to include All your Team Members or leave it un-checked to select specific Learning Roles.
  • If opting not to select All Team Members, select any desired Learning Roles or Learners for which you wish to create attempt records for.

Select Action

From the ACTIONS panel:

Select Action: using the dropdown menu, select Create LE Attempt Records.*

*The page will refresh displaying a message under the Action Panel which reads, Create Attempt Records for the selected LE to the selected Team Members, Learning Roles and/or Learners.

Additional informational detail options will display. Enter desired parameters.

  • Completion: Select Complete or in Progress as the completion status.
  • Success: Select None, Passed, Failed or Expired as the success status.
  • Score: If applicable, enter a number in the field provided.
  • Score Type: Select either % (percent) or Raw as its value.
  • Duration: Enter a time using the example format (HH:MM:SS) for hours, minutes, seconds.
  • Slide Position: Enter completion percentage to be used in presentations.
  • Date: Enter particular date for the course taken.
  • Time: Enter particular time for the course taken.
  • Comments: Enter any optional comments.
  • Archived: Create the attempt as Archived.

Once you have selected the Learning Elements to use for your desired attempt records and have selected the Roles and/or Learners for these attempts, click Submit.

Attempt Records will exclude Any ILT Sessions: You may not select any Instructor Led Training Sessions (ILT) from the Catalog when attempting to Create LE Attempt Records or a warning will display. Should you receive such a message, un-select any ILT Sessions and continue.

A confirmation window will then display which reads; (X) Attempt Records were Created successfully.

In Conclusion

Attempt records can be obtained for selected Learning Elements, Learning Roles and/or Learners quickly and easily.

For help documentation relating to deleting selected attempt records, please see the following article; Delete Learning Element Attempt Records.

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