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Restore Learning Element Attempt Records

When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons display helpful tips.


An LMS Admin may choose to restore select Learner attempt records which might have been deleted.

This article will describe and demonstrate how to restore specific attempt records.

Restore Learning Element Attempt Records

To use the Restore Learning Element Attempt Records feature;

  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected. Menu located lower-left of screen.
  • Expand the Advanced tab and select Actions.

From the LEARNING CATALOG panel:

  • Expand arrows as necessary and select any desired Folders or Learning Elements you wish to restore attempt records for by placing a checkmark within their adjacent box.

From the TEAMS, ROLES & LEARNERS panel:

  • All Team Members: check box to include All your Team Members or leave it un-checked to select specific Learning Roles.

  • If opting not to select All Team Members, select any desired Learning Roles or Learners you wish to restore attempt records for.

Select Action

From the ACTIONS panel:

  • Using the associated dropdown menu, select Restore LE Attempt Records.*

*The page will then refresh displaying a message under the Action Panel which reads; 'Restore Attempt Records that have been logically deleted for the selected Folders and Learning Elements to the selected Team Members, Learning Roles and/or Learners. Folder Attempt Records can take a few minutes to Update.'*

*Only Logically (soft) deleted Attempts will be recovered. 

*Physically (hard) deleted Attempts cannot be recovered by using this feature. 

Additional informational detail options will display. Enter desired parameters.

  • Start Filter: Select None for no start date; otherwise use Specified to select a specific start date.

  • End Filter: Select None for no end date; otherwise use Specified to select a specific end date.

  • Current Time: The restore date and time will be recorded in the database.

  • Comments: Enter any optional information or comments.

After selecting your desired parameters for Restore LE Attempt Records, click Submit.

After the record restoration function is complete, a confirmation message will display which reads; '(X) Attempt Records have been Restored.'

In Conclusion

LE attempt records can be restored quickly and easily.

For help documentation relating to recalculating Folder Attempt Records, please see the following article; Recalculate Folder Attempt Records.

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