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Recalculate Folder Attempt Records

When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


On occasion it may become necessary for an LMS Admin to recalculate Folder Attempt Records.

This article will describe the process to recalculate attempt records.

Why the Need to Recalculate Records?

On occasion there exists the potential that the registered progress of given Learners within a specific Catalog Folder have not properly updated. This condition may occur after the completion of certain quizzes or presentations. 

Whenever this situation presents, an LMS Admin can recalculate the Folder Attempt Records to force the progress bar to properly display the accurate level of progress.

As a typical type example; on the top left in the image below is a bar graph which shows a given Learner's training progress as being 0% when it should actually be 75%.

The following example will take you through the necessary steps to properly recalculate and update training completion. 

This recalculation process is called Recalculate Folder Attempts.  

Recalculate Folder Attempt Records

To use the Recalculate Folder Attempt Records feature;

  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected. Menu located lower-left of screen.
  • Expand the Advanced tab and select Actions.

From the LEARNING CATALOG panel:

  • Expand arrows as necessary and select any Folders desired for progress recalculation.

From the TEAMS, ROLES & LEARNERS panel:

  • All Team Members: check box to include all your Team Members or leave it un-checked to select specific Learning Roles and/or Learners you wish to recalculate attempt records for.

Select Action

From the ACTIONS panel:

  • Using the dropdown menu, select Recalculate Folder Attempt Records.*

*The page will then refresh, displaying a message under the Action Panel which reads; 

'Recalculate the Completion Status and Score of the selected Folders. This process may take a few minutes to update.'

  • Click Submit.

After clicking Submit the system will conduct the update. After update, a message will display which reads; 

'(X) Folder Attempt Records were Updated successfully.' 

The bar graph in the image below has been successfully updated from 0% to 75%.

In Conclusion

Recalculating folder attempts to update and reflect accurate Learner progress is typically a quick and easy process.  

For help documentation relating to exporting enrollment records to a .CSV file, please see the following article; Export Enrollment to CSV File.

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