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Configuration - Introduction


This article will briefly describe the purpose behind the Accord LMS Configuration features.

As an Accord LMS Admin, you maintain access to various configuration options from the Configuration tab of the LMS Admin Module. 

Here you can configure general options, enable diagnostic SCORM traces and set parameters for data displayed in the Catalog and Enrollment sections. 

You may also add or edit Learning Element types or add or edit Status Types. 

Configuration is also where you can customize notifications and email templates, review and edit enhanced configuration features, license key details and other miscellaneous types of information. *

*NOTE; The Configuration tab may or may not display depending on the 'Current Team'. The selection menu to choose the Current Team is located at the lower-left of your screen.

The Configuration tab is located under the Advanced tab.

In Conclusion

The various configuration features inside the Accord LMS is where various options and settings are configured.

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