Reports - The Importance of Filters

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This article will briefly describe the purpose and process of using various types of report filters.

Folder Start Date

For LMS Admins wanting to run Folder Detail reports for Learners who are assigned training for a given month, or for a varied month-to-month basis, please see further mention of this below for the Folder Start Date when selecting your report's Display Columns.

The Purpose of Report Filters

When an LMS Admin desires to create a type of LMS production report, they may choose for this report to be widely comprehensive which may include a wide variety of data, or they may choose for a given report to contain only a minimal amount of data.

The application of report filters allows LMS Admins to produce specific types of reports which contains the specific types of data they wish to include.

Types of Report Filters

The various types of report filters which may be applied can include filters for the Learning Catalog, Teams, Roles, types of Enrollments, Date Ranges and specific Learners.

There are some additional report filters within the Advanced Options panel, some of which include Folder Status, Completion Status, Attempt Types, Types of Enrollments and any specific Accord LMS portals utilized.

Creating a Report and Applying Report Filters

To create a report when applying different types of report filters;

  • Login with LMS Admin credentials.
  • Select proper Current Team. Selection menu located lower-left of screen.
  • From the left hand menu, select the Reports tab.

  • Choose the specific type of report you wish to set some filters for.
  • Using it's dropdown menu, select an existing report-type or define a new report.
  • After making your selection from the dropdown menu, click Continue.

A page will display with several heading options.

  • Click the Filters heading to display it's options.

The Filters panel will display where you can select different options to filter the report to your desired specifications.

  • Learning Catalog: Filter from the Catalog Folders.

  • Teams: Filter from Team Enrollment.

  • All Team Member Enrollment: Check box to select all active Team Members.

  • Learning Role Enrollment: Check boxes from whichever Learning Roles you wish to include in your report.

  • Role Criteria: Select to Match All or Match Any.

With a Match All query, if you select multiple Roles/Learners or All Team Members, only those Folders/Learning Elements that have ALL of the selected Roles (All Team Members and Learners) enrolled in them will display on this report.

With a Match Any query, if you select multiple Roles/Learners or All Team Members, all the Folders/Learning Elements that have ANY of the selected Roles (All Team Members and Learners) enrolled in them will display on this report.

  • Role Status: Check desired box to select which types of Role Statuses will display on this report.

  • Additional Enrollment: Select any additional (Non-Role) Enrollment options to display on this report.

  • Learners: Click Show Search to select various types of search criteria to be able to select chosen Learners to be included in this report.

  • Attempt Date Range: Filter by Attempt Date Range.

This will only apply to LE attempts, not Folder attempts.

  • Completion Date Range: Filter by Folder Attempt Completion Date.

  • Export Format: Select the desired report output format.

Recommended to use Raw CSV for large datasets.

Advanced Options

  • Folder Status: Use dropdown menu to select if Current or Archived LE Attempts will be included in this report.

  • Completion Status: Select types of Completion Statuses to include in this report.

  • Success Status: Select types of Success Statuses to include in this report.

  • Due Date Range: Use dropdown menu to select from various due-date ranges to include in this report.

  • LE Attempts: Use the dropdown menu to select specific types of LE Attempts to include in this report.

  • Include Archived Attempts: Include Archived Attempts for LE Attempt drill-down report.

Include All Enrollment Attempts: Include all Learners in the report who have Enrollments for any selected LE, even if these Learners have no attempts within the selected date-range. The Learner Status for these LE will be 'Not Attempted', even if valid attempts exist outside of the selected date-range.

  • Include Enrollment from Parent Teams: Include Enrollment from Parent Teams of any selected Teams.

  • Include Parent Folder: Include any Parent Folders even if only some Child Folders are enrolled.

  • Portals: Check box next to whichever LMS portals you wish to include in this report.

Display Columns

To display and gather the specific type of information you wish to reflect on your report, expand the heading for Display Columns.

Folder Start Date

Learner Activity/Transcript with Folder Detail

Important Note Regarding the Folder Start Date whenever running the report type of - Learner Activity/Transcript with Folder Detail

For any companies that run Learner Activity reports based upon any training assigned to Learners for a given month, or on a month-to-month basis, LMS Admins have the option of selecting Start Date under Folder Details within the Display Columns section.

Please know that whenever selecting the checkbox for Start Date, the checkbox for Role will auto-select as well. This is intentional. Catalog Folder Start Dates are determined by their associated Learning Role.    

Editing any Filters

Any filters for any defined Reports can be quickly edited.

To Edit any Filters;

Using the various dropdown menus from the main Reports Page, select the specific report definition.

  • Click Continue.

Perform any desired filter edits.

  • Click Update to save any changes.

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