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When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


This article will describe how to access General Settings within Configuration and lists some of the various LMS features which can be accessed and set here. 

When to Use General Settings

General Settings is where you can select various settings which might affect how your Accord LMS functions and processes selected Learning Elements and/or Catalog Folders. The various features available inside General Settings include;

  • Hide Active Team
  • Learner Search List Limit 
  • Bulk Import Report Storage 
  • Include Past Session Display Limit 
  • Filter by Instructor 
  • PDF Font File Name 
  • SCORM Student ID.

To Access General Settings

  • After logging-in with LMS Admin credentials, click on the Catalog tab.
  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected. Menu located lower-left of screen.
  • Open the Advanced tab and select Configuration.

The General Options panel will display.

Click heading for GENERAL SETTINGS to display it's options.

In the General Settings Panel

This section contains a variety of configurations available for your Accord LMS.

  • Hide Active Team: If a user has permissions for only ONE Team, check this box to hide the Current Active Team dropdown menu feature. This will prevent non-authorized access for non-authorized Teams. Leave this box unchecked for users maintaining permissions for other Active Teams.

  • Learner Search List Limit: Type a number in the field to limit the number of records displayed in User Lists.

  • Bulk Import Report Storage: Length of time the Automatic Import Reports will be stored on the server.

  • Include Past Session Display Limit: Choose the number of days that a session which is due will display in the LMS Admin Catalog and Enrollment view after a specified due-date.

  • Filter by Instructor: When checked, the only sessions which will display in the Catalog will be sessions where the current user is also the current session instructor.*

*For more information on how to Filter by Instructor please see; 

Display or Filter Sessions by Specific Instructors.

  • PDF Font File Name: In some special cases, you may want to force PDF template fields to conform to a specific UNICODE font. To specify a specific font type, type the font name in the field provided (e.g. SIMSUN.TTF, which supports Chinese characters). Leave field blank for no forced font.

  • SCORM Student Id: This will define what information is sent to the SCO in the fields cmi.core.studentid (for 1.2) and cmi.learner_id (for 2004). Select either Userid or Email.

  • Scroll near bottom and click Update to save and implement any changes.

In Conclusion

The ability to apply certain conditions to various Learning Elements and Catalog Folders can be managed through Configuration > General Options > General Settings.

For information regarding setting some of the default settings for your Accord LMS, please see the following article at;

Configuration - General Options - Default Settings.

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