Import Data or Folder Attempts

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When using the Accord LMS, hovering over information icons displays helpful tips.


This article will describe the purpose and process of importing Data or Folder Attempt records.

The Import Data feature allows you to bulk Import historical folder usage records. 

This feature lets you bring historical data from other LMS systems into the Accord LMS. 

Only 100% completed folder records will successfully import.

What is Needed to Import Learner Data or Folder Attempt records?

*Important Note; the Import Folder Attempts feature is only available for Host Accounts.

Important comments regarding any (.csv) files used for import during this process;

Any .csv files being used for import during this process must be prepared while using the following format;

  • Username (Required): Provide the username to whom the folder attempts belong.

  • FolderID (Required): This is the auto-assigned Folder ID which can be obtained by accessing the Advanced Settings inside Folder Details.

  • CompletionDate (Required): This field must contain the Date of Completion for the entire Folder.

  • Score (Optional): Column must contain a number between 0 and 1 where 1 corresponds to 100% folder completion. 

  • ArchiveDueDate (Optional): Input a date and time for when the Attempts will be archived.

Current Learners must already be enrolled to the folder to successfully import their former attempts.

Import the bottom folders first and work your way to the top if you have multi-level folder scores to import.

Child folder updates will cause any parent folders to recalculate.

Sample File

To obtain a sample Folder Attempt Import .csv file please link to; Import Samples.

Once you get to the page, under Sample Import Types go to Example for Bulk Folder Attempt Import.

The Process to Import Data or Folder Attempts

  • Login with LMS Host credentials.
  • Ensure the proper Current Team is selected. Menu located lower-left of screen.
  • From the menu on left, expand the Advanced tab and click the Configuration tab.
  • From the Configuration page click on Import Data.

The Legacy Import Data panel will display.*

*Ensure to have any Learner Data/Folder Attempt records you wish to import during this process preselected and listed on a .csv file.

  • Click heading for Learner/Folder Attempt Import to open this panel.

  • Next to Select CSV File, click button to select a Learner Data/Folder Attempt .cvs file from your system.

  • Create LE Attempts: Check this box to create attempts for all trackable LE within each imported folder.

  • Create Enrollment: Check this box to create conditions where, if no enrollments presently exist, than the LMS will automatically create individual enrollments during the folder attempt import process.

  • Once file has uploaded click Import.

After clicking Import, Folder Attempts Import confirmation message will display, showing the number of successfully imported records created during this process.

Any Import failures: Certain conditions as they might relate to any import failures will display directly underneath the confirmation message; potentially helping to isolate and identify any reasons for failure. 

After performing the Learner Data/Folder Attempts records import process, your Learners' folder attempt records will have been properly updated.

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